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November 26, 2015 SEO


HTML titles are titles that the search engine looks at in order to determine if the website has relevant information for the searcher. It is important to remember that the search engine is not human n; therefore it is not going to care about how flashy the title is. What the search engine cares about is whether the HTML title has the keywords that it is searching for.
HTML titles are very important for the search engine and have a limit of how many characters that are considered valid and important. Most search engines do not look beyond the first 120 characters of the title. They also tend to ignore punctuation, so placing commons, periods or other punctuations takes away from
the number of characters available to use keywords in.
HTML titles are not typically visible to the person checking for the websites. Instead, this person sees the site title and the site description and makes a judgment call based on this information. In rare cases, depending upon the search engine, the HTML title can be seen, so it is important to use the keywords in a sentence or title structure.



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